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Sunday, 14 December 2014


*takes a peek* is there anyone still around?

Hello i dont know how to start this. I dont have a topic to talk with. Nothing fun this week. So bored. Just lying on the bed, and thinking how much i have wasted on my time this holiday. haha, fool ya. And now sky get rainy. I can feel the smell of this rain. So fresh,!! argh, back to the topic.

I have buy two or three new dress at Reject Shop. God!! so beautiful and cool. The sweater, jacket, dress, shirt.. so so cool and stylish. I'm swear that I'm gonna buy more next time when I have more money so on. Hope so, If Allah will its. 

bye, thank you for give your time to read this messy post. aha, thank you again. bye see you next time. A saint, A sinner, I am. 

love letter, 

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