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Saturday, 30 January 2016

It's a free ride when you already paid.

Life is just so ironic. It is funny sometimes. But too cruel. Sometimes i thought everything is unfair. Why a girl with (thin body, white skin, no pimples neither blackheads/whiteheads, lives in a bungalow with her wonderful parents and siblings, smart, so kind hearted and everyone would want to be friend with her and loves her) exist? Why my life is vice versa? They said, only myself that can change everything colorful. I want a loving parents too. I want a supportive siblings too. Not that i said they aren't but sometimes they didn't. I myself too is not perfect and i wont be one. I just need a perfect life that is all. It is true, money are the mother of all destruction. I sometimes wonder, when i died, people would probably miss me and only at the moment they will love me more. Why not now? Why must all this problems came in my teenager's life? They ruined everything. A problem i thought will never happen to my family, my life. It happened. And somehow it changes my attitude to worst. I become so selfish, i said whatever i want to the people loved, i don't care anymore what happens around me, i become stubborn and i am not what i am like the old one. I hate it when people pushed me to do something that i know i will do it on the right time. No, i just hate people pushing me. At this time of moment, no one would understands what i really feel and what i want. I want my real life.

Compiled what I've been through this year, i didn't know i was that tough to been through every single shits that happened. The worst year that i will not forget. I.WILL.NOT.FORGET.-Confessions from a spoilt child

And now I've got the chance to say hello to my lovely faithful blog. Hello beautiful. I think all of my followers had run away, yeah for sure right. I am sorry I've abandoned this beautiful place to share my happiness and sadness for a few months. I think this is all for my comeback. If there are still people that reading this, you, yes you, thank you. A saint, A sinner, I am.

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  1. Every single moment that u hated. Trust me, u'll be sure miss.. That worse sibling to you might be the best person for you. Knowing that no one other than siblings either parents that heart you from the day you was borned. Keep calm, have faith.